Last Semester

I just started my last semester of graduate school, so I am very happy. 🙂 I have been making cards to send to our wonderful female soldiers overseas, but have been quite lazy to post them on my blog. I honestly have found a whole new respect for bloggers because BOY OH BOY, does it take dedication and passion. I am definitely passionate about making cards and writing letters to our soldiers, but I am just not a passionate blogger, right now….*crossing fingers*


Celebrating Love

I went on a digi shopping spree on Etsy and it was the most fun I have had buying stamps. I just love coloring with Copics and couldn’t resist these cute little darlings. I made this card for my hubby for this Valentine’s.


Barnyard Buddies

I finally got into digi images. I first started buying them in 2008, but I just loved using my stamp pad and rubber stamps. Recently, I tried printing a digi image on my Epson Photomate and I just love the results. There is absolutely no smearing when I color with my Copic markers, so I am hooked! Also, I do have to admit that as much as I love my stash of rubber stamps, I like that I don’t need extra space for these digis. I just need a bigger hard drive. :p


Polly Potter

How cute is this girl?  One of my latest additions to my stamp collection.  I love coloring images like this stamp.  It’s so adorable and I’m so happy I can make another card this week for one of our ladies overseas before the weekend.

Made With a Garden of Love

My Sister….My Friend

I made this card to send to my older and only sister, Betty.  We lives hours away from each other, but we talk on the phone all the time.  She recently came to visit and I had the best day ever.  I miss her everyday, but I’m glad we’re just a phone call away when I need to hear her voice.  There’s nothing better than having a sister to share everyday things with and to have them on your side when you most need a friend.

A Sister Makes The Best Kind of Friend

Hook’s Lines Bears

I’m showing off my new Hook’s Lines bear stamp.  I collect a lot of bear and moose stamps and this is the newest addition.  I made this birthday card for a special lady in the Army Division that is currently in Afghanistan.  I hope this card will help her celebrate her special day.

A Special Birthday Wish For A Special Lady

Whipper Snapper – Girl Turtle

Whipper Snapper Design stamps are one of my most prized stamps.  I love the charm that goes into the expressions on these stamps and it makes my tummy warm and fuzzy.  I dug up this stamp from my Whipper Snapper box.  Since I’m making cards this weekend for some female soldiers, I thought this girl turtle would be perfect!

Making Progress By Sticking My Neck Out